Main characteristics of irrigation controller


1, can be directly extended: the basic site of the module controller for the 4 station, through the increase of 4 stations per unit module can be extended to 8, 12, 16 stations;
2, support hot swap function: whether the controller is in the standby state or in the running process, at any time can be inserted into the module;
3, system maintenance is simple: at any time can be through the button back to the system default procedures, procedures for updating the settings and loading the new program is easy to carry out;
4, intelligent error display: when the program because of sensor interruption, short circuit or error, the controller's internal robust error diagnosis feedback system will display alarm information and error information, convenient installation and maintenance
5, site delay setting: the controller allows the delay between the two sites, so that water is added or slow off valve, to prevent water hammer
6, can control the water valve or pump station
7, can the annual calendar and time settings, not because of parity on leap year irrigation set
8, four kinds of irrigation cycle mode: conventional cycle, the 31 day cycle, single cycle, double cycle
9, the event day can choose to stop irrigation: can be any day of the week is set to stop irrigation days, to facilitate regular lawn maintenance or system maintenance, etc.
10, irrigation ratio can be adjusted: according to seasonal or temporary need, through the button to easily achieve the regulation and control of irrigation ratio
11, real-time display of running state sensor terminal: with special sensor terminals, each terminal can monitor the real-time operation state, the rational use of water to ensure;
12, the configuration of the sensor to ignore the switch: the controller allows users to set the signal to ignore the sensor and the implementation of irrigation enhancement task
13, automatic error correction function: the system will not because of individual site error and all stop, it will automatically identify the fault site and continue the work of other sites;
14, the valve terminal test function: to facilitate the installation of the valve and the site to connect the situation, to ensure that each site can be correctly and smooth connection
15, rain: loose box design, convenient installation and operation, and the design of box lock, can prevent rain.
16, built-in communication module, can realize the area network irrigation, real-time monitoring (cable, radio frequency wireless or GPRS network)