Wisdom agriculture, how to do abroad


At present, information technology, "Internet plus", big data and other new terms in the field of agriculture in our country has not been strange. Foreign "wisdom agriculture" how to develop the status quo, which will provide reference for the development of modern agriculture in China?

UK: big data integration precision agriculture
British National Agricultural Association called: first, the requirements of the government in rural areas to achieve full coverage of broadband, two is required to establish an appropriate platform and channels, the agricultural production of accurate information for the summary and analysis. In the context of spending cuts, the British government in the spring of 2015 budget for the project is still 12 million pounds.

United States: information technology to support agricultural development
From the beginning of last century in 90s, the U.S. government allocated $about 1000000000 annually for the construction of agricultural information network, technology promotion and online applications, the growing popularity of high-speed Internet access in rural areas. Agricultural information system is increasingly perfect, a lot of agricultural information enterprises came into being. These companies use the government's public release of agricultural big data analysis, prediction, and provide to the agricultural producers for farm production management and precision farming, improve production efficiency.

France: to create a large agricultural data system
France is the largest agricultural producer within the European Union, and the world's second largest agricultural exporter. After years of development, the French agricultural information database is currently very complete, covering agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, agricultural products processing and other fields. At the same time, a set of high-tech research and development, business market consulting, legal policy and security, as well as Internet applications, including the big agriculture data system is being built. The farmers at home, can understand the basis of agricultural information market on the internet.

Germany: actively support digital agriculture
According to the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association statistics, the German investment in agricultural technology in 2015 was 5 billion 400 million euros. In Hannover this year, consumer electronics, information and communications Expo, German software supplier SAP company launched the "digital agriculture" solution, can be displayed in real time on a variety of computer production information, such as a piece of land on which crops grow crops, accept the light intensity, soil moisture and fertilizer to farmers can optimize the distribution of production yield.